About Us

Rubber Ducky Doctor was a lifelong dream of owner Micheal & Grace Hawkings and was brought to life with the establishment of the company in 2017.


Micheal & Grace had a vision of providing high-quality and reliable services for the Newcastle, Port Stephens and Central Coast locals for their inflatable boat repair needs, and has since grown his modest dream into a reputable business valued by inflatable boating enthusiasts throughout the area.

Micheal has now moved to South Australia and is doing the same for Adelaide and the surrounding areas.

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Micheal Hawkings started working on inflatable boats when he was 16 and living in Queensland, acquiring a lot of experience in the field and a deep love for the industry. Since then he has worked in inflatables and other rubber industries such as conveyor belt splicing and has gained a lot of experience in knowing what to do to get the highest quality outcome.


Currently the Rubber Ducky Doctor team consists of Micheal, his wife Grace and their three kids. However, due to the growing demand in the inflatable boat industry, the team is expanding with several new training staff brought onboard to assist with day-to-day tasks and delivery of the highest quality service.

With the expansion of the team came the expansion of services offered; starting as a mere vision, growing to a humble repair and parts provider to a business offering a range of inflatable boats and accessories. 


"We are a small family business who are locally owned and operated, devoted to delivering quality customer service and attention."

- Micheal Hawkings 

Our Vision

Rubber Ducky Doctor strives to provide a specialised service to help customers purchase the right boat for their specific needs. We will spend time with the customer to find out exactly how they will use their boat and find a boat that will suit what they need the most or set up a boat design to how they would like when doing a re tube or repair.

Our repairs services are focused on carrying out the necessary adjustments tailored to suit their boat's specifications rather than just a general maintenance. Our repairs are guaranteed to be executed with maximum efficiency and exceptional communication. 

We are a proud family business and our values are reflected in our everyday work ethic, with professionalism, efficiency and world-class products driving the Rubber Ducky Doctor brand.