Aquaviro™ E-Treat Concentrate

Aquaviro E-Treat photo.png


AquaViro™ E-Treat Concentrate Portable Toilet Treatment  is a concentrated sewerage holding treatment that works in salt or fresh water, has very pleasant fragrance that destroys odours. E-Treat Concentrate is biodegradable, extremely cost effective and formaldehyde free.


AquaViro™ E-Treat Concentrate is a concentrated sewerage holding tank and toilet waste neutralizer / treatment that comprehensively treats waste, sanitises and deodorizes. E-Treat Concentrate is comprised of a combination of two bacteriostatic chemicals selected for their effectiveness and biodegradability to produce a product of the highest possible performance. E-Treat Concentrate works exceptionally well in conjunction with Ecosoft 548 Toilet Rolls.

Areas of Application:

  • Marine, aviation, transport (e.g. buses) holding tanks and camping porta-loo’s

  • Building industry on site portable toilets

  • Nursing home commodes

  • Underground mining portable toilets

  • Sanitary napkin disposable systems

AquaViro™ E-Treat 1L  $35.00AUD


Watch the following videos to see instructions of Aquaviro application: