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Deluxe Island Inflator 



The Island Inflatables Deluxe Electric Pump features an inbuilt battery for ultimate portability in pumping your kayak, dinghy, towable, dock or other inflatable watercraft.

The pump consists of 2 built-in pumps: a high volume low-pressure pump to fill the watercraft quickly to around 2psi, then a high-pressure low volume pump where it automatically stops at the desired pressure level selected.

The Deluxe Electric Pump has a digital gauge to display current air pressure readings in KPA or PSI. It comes with a set of generic multi valve adapters to connect your boat or you can fit the valve end of your boat directly into the end of the hose making the pump suitable for most inflatables.

Pumping a dinghy by hand may take you 15-20 minutes but the Island Inflator electric pump will get your boat ready in under 10 minutes with no effort.

Deluxe Island Inflator prices starting at  $295.00AUD

Standard Features:

  • Digital Gauge

  • High Flow Pump

  • High Pressure Pump

  • Automatic pressure settings

  • Automatic cut-out switch

  • Built-in battery

  • 240V Charger

  • All necessary adaptors are included to fit most air valves

  • Portable system