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Rubber Ducky Doctor offers a wide range of high quality inflatable boat services, focusing on delivering the best customer service and efficient servicing possible.

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Re-tubing an inflatable boat is where we remove your old tube and use it as a pattern to custom build you a new tube to install onto your hull.

We offer a complete and custom re-tubing service where we will sit down with you and show you different options such as Welded PVC tubes or handmade Hypalon tubes to provide you with a completely custom re-tube on your RIB.


We can also provide Genuine tube kits from different manufacturers like Gemini Marine and BRIG. 

Re-tubing Services

Spare Parts & Accessories

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We offer a wide range of inflatable specific spare parts and accessories from the best brand worldwide.

Our products such as the Genuine Tube kits come from well-known brands like Gemini Marine and BRIG and are all of the highest quality. We also offer: 

  • Bimini Tops

  • Dolly Wheels 

  • Pumps

  • Cleaning Products

  • Repair Kits

If your inflatable needs it we have it!

Repair Services

Rubber Ducky Doctors offer a complete repair service where we can provide a free inspection of your boat at our workshop to give you accurate information on what your boat needs and show you the the most effective way to fix it.


We are able to carry out all size repairs in both PVC or Hypalon material, starting from applying the smallest of patches to replacing a whole section of your tube.


Our repairs start from as little as $110.


A snap davit system is a great way to get your tender up and out of the water with ease, without taking up too much valuable space on the inside of your boat.


We use Italian Ceredit snap davit kits and have several different options such as removable base plates and stainless steel stand off arms.

Snap Davit Installations

Boat  Tube Painting 

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If you don't have the transport, theres no need to stress! We can come to you.


We are able pick up and deliver a range of different size boats with our trailer, if they are unable to fit in a work ute.


We are also able to carry out some jobs on site where we can assure you it won't affect the quality of the result.

Delivery, pick-up

& on-site work