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Achilles Inflatable Boat Range

Achilles Inflatable Boats for Sale in Adelaide

Achilles has been a leader in the inflatable boat industry for over 40 years, thanks to their innovative and high-quality fabric. Their fabric is made using a customised formula that combines a tough and airtight elastomer coating with a heavy-duty nylon or polyester core fabric. The exterior of the fabric is coated with chlorosulphonated polyethylene (CSM), which provides exceptional durability, while the interior features two layers of chloroprene for excellent airtightness.


Achilles inflatable boat valves are designed for maximum durability and convenience. They are made with non-corrosive materials and have no moving parts, which means they are less likely to break or malfunction. These valves are also engineered for easy inflation and instant deflation, making it simple to inflate and deflate your boat as needed. Achilles puts extra care into the construction of their inflatable boats to ensure that they are built to last. One way they do this is by overlapping the seams by a full inch and reinforcing them with seam tape on both the inside and outside of the boat. This added layer of protection helps to ensure that the seams are strong and able to withstand rough conditions on the water. 

Browse our range of Achilles inflatable boats for sale in Adelaide today.

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