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Torqeedo Electric Motors

 Torqeedo Electric Outboard Motors for Sale in Adelaide

Torqeedo electric motors are widely used in commercial and recreational boating and are considered a leading brand in the boating industry. Offering clean and powerful mobility, these motors are a popular choice for Adelaide boat owners looking for reliable and sustainable outboarding. 


If you’re looking for electric boat motors for sale in Adelaide, The Torqeedo Travel 1103C is an electric outboard motor designed for small boats and inflatables. It has a maximum power output of 3.5 horsepower and a maximum speed of 6.8 mph. It is powered by a removable lithium-ion battery that can be charged in as little as one hour. 


Key features of the Torqeedo Travel 1103C include:

  • Lightweight and compact: The Travel 1103C is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and store.

  • Long-lasting battery: The removable lithium-ion battery in this Torqeedo electric motor provides a long-lasting power source, allowing for extended use on the water.

  • Easy to use: The motor is easy to operate, with a simple digital display and intuitive controls.

  • Quiet operation: The Travel 1103C is incredibly quiet, making it suitable for use in areas where noise pollution is a concern.

  • Environmentally friendly: As an electric motor, the Travel 1103C produces no emissions, making it more sustainable than petrol or diesel engines.

  • Solar rechargeable: including while in use, ideal for days on the water

  • Clean and waterproof: A safe and sustainable motor, with no risk of leakage


Check out our range of Torqeedo Travel 1103C electric outboard motors for sale, or chat to the Rubber Ducky Doctor team for further information.

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