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about us Rubber Ducky Doctor inflatable catamaran

About Us

Rubber Ducky Doctor started as a mere vision, growing from a humble boat repair and parts provider, to a business offering a range of inflatable boats and accessories. 

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Inflatable boat sales & repairs in Adelaide with family-owned and operated values

Micheal Hawkings started working on inflatable boats when he was 16 and living in Queensland, acquiring not only industry experience, but a deep love for the industry. As his experience progressed, so did his skillset. Since then, Micheal has worked across all areas of inflatable boat sales, repairs, and services.


Rubber Ducky Doctor was a lifelong dream of owner's Micheal & Grace Hawkings, brought to life with the establishment of the inflatable boat repair company in 2017.


Micheal & Grace had a shared vision of providing high-quality and reliable boating services for locals of the Newcastle, Port Stephens and Central Coast areas for inflatable boat repair needs. This has since grown a modest dream into a reputable business, valued by inflatable boating enthusiasts throughout the area.

Micheal and Grace have now moved to South Australia and are doing the same for Adelaide and the surrounding areas.


While Rubber Ducky Doctor originated with Micheal, his wife Grace, and their three kids, growing demand in the inflatable boat industry has meant a rapidly expanding team.


Several new training staff have joined the Rubber Ducky Doctor team, assisting with day-to-day tasks and delivering the same highest quality service to Adelaide boating enthusiasts.​


Visit the team at Rubber Ducky Doctor at Edwardstown or get in touch today.

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"We are a small family business who are locally owned and operated, devoted to delivering quality customer service and attention."

- Micheal Hawkings
Rubber Ducky Doctor 

Our Vision

We offer tailored service to ensure that our customers make the best decisions when it comes to inflatable boating products and boating repair services in Adelaide. 


We're dedicated to understanding exactly what each customer needs in order to deliver a boat-buying experience perfectly crafted for them - whether you're looking for a new boat or a used boat.

Our repair services are focused on carrying out the necessary adjustments tailored to suit a boat's specifications rather than just general maintenance. Our repairs are guaranteed to be executed with maximum efficiency and exceptional communication. 

We are a proud family business and our values are reflected in our everyday work ethic, with professionalism, efficiency and world-class products driving the Rubber Ducky Doctor brand. 

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Our Brands

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At Rubber Ducky Doctor, we understand that having a safe and enjoyable boating experience is paramount.


We have taken the time to acquire the best tools, accessories, and spare parts available on the market in order to provide our customers with an optimal boating experience.

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All of our products are sourced with quality in mind, helping them stand up to the rigours of the water, from snap davits to electric motors.


Our team also offers superior customer service, so you can rest assured that all your needs will be met with our inflatable boats or boating supplies.

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