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CV2002 250ml hypalon inflatable boat glue
CV2002 1 kg hypalon inflatable boat glue
CV2002 250ml inflatable boat adhesive
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Chemical Vulcanising Systems Cold Vulcanising Cement CV2002 is multi-purpose application adhesive cement for a plethora of industrial rubber bonding requirements. CV2002 cement plus hardener is the adhesive for bonding natural rubber, neoprene rubber, SBR rubber and other rubbers to each other, fabric and to steel without the aid of heat, pressure or special equipment.

CV2002 is a two component, chloroprene based adhesive when catalysed with the correct amount of Hardener, will vulcanise at room temperature. CV2002 has a wide scope of applications in bonding rubber to rubber, rubber to fabric, rubber to metal as well as rubber to concrete, fibreglass and urethane. It is also used in the splicing and repair of fabric conveyor belting. Repair to existing rubber lined vessels and rubber components are also recommended uses for CV2002.

Smaller kit size for convenient use for small repairs where heavy duty adhesive is required. This product is also suitable for Marine use and can be used for the effective repairs to Hypalon rubber inflatable boats.

Prices: ​

  • 250ML Kit  $45.00AUD

  • 1L Kit  $120.00AUD

Chemvulc CV2002

Watch the following video to see instructions of adhesive application:

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