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How to Install PVC Inflatable Boat Registration Numbers

Updated: May 16

Below is a how to guide for Installing your own PVC Inflatable boat registration numbers/panel.

We reccomend these inflatable boat rego panels for all PVC inflatable boats that need registration as they are very easy to install and will last as long as the boat.

1st step: Clean area where the panel will go. This must be done to remove any dirty, dust and salt from the inflatable boat fabric to make sure the glue and masking tape sticks to the inflatable boat. Do not use anything greasy or with silicones.

2nd Step: Trace out inflatable boat panel. Grab a pencil and a tape measure and line up the PVC Inflatable Boat panel where you want to install it to your Inflatable boat and trace around it with a pencil. Remembering to try and make it level and even on both sides. Also make sure you have checked with your States Laws for where they need to be. (Normally towards the bow and above the rubbing strip is a good spot).

3rd Step: Mask up the tape line. Using a good quality painters tape mask up the pencil line on your inflatable boat so that when cleaning with solvent and gluing only the are required gets glue and solvent on it.

4th Step: Clean both the Inflatable boat surface and the PVC inflatable boat panel with MEK Solvent. Use a clean lint free rag to clean the gluing surface of both the inflatable boat and the PVC inflatable boat panel. This will ensure the surface ares will be ready for gluing.

5th Step: Glue both surfaces. Both surfaces need 2 coats of PVC Glue. We reccomend Plastocement PVC glue that is a 2 part Inflatable boat Specific PVC glue. Mix up the 2 part Inflatable boat PVC glue and apply a thin layer of glue to both surfaces. Wait 30 minutes and then add a 2nd coat of the PVC inflatable boat glue.

MIARCO Travel Cat 365 inflatable catamaran boat with PVC rego panel
PVC Rego Panel with 1st coat of glue on Inflatable boat

6th Step: Install PVC Inflatable boat Panels. 5mins after the 2nd coat of PVC Inflatable boat glue use a heat gun to lightly heat both surfaces to make the glue tacky. Lightly tack the top edge of the PVC Inflatable boat panel and then slowly work on the panel until you reach the bottom. From here gently add some pressure with a flat tool with no sharp edges or a roller.

MIARCO Travel Cat 365 PVC Inflatable Catamaran boat with PVC Rego panel
PVC Inflatable boat rego panel installation

7th Step: Clean up & Cure. From here you can remove the masking tape and let it cure for 24 hours before deflating or rollin up to make sure the glue has proper time to work.

Miarco Travel Cat 365 PVC inflatable catamaran boat with rego panel
Completed PVC Rego panel installation on Inflatable boat

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