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The HB-335AX PRO Inflatable boat is a new model only available in red for increased visibility and is designed for heavy duty commercial and rescue use. It has a full length splashguard with lifelines, abrasion/wear patches on top of the tubes, and has a paddle in place of oars and oarlocks. Like all Achilles HB-AX models it features a tough, powder coated marine grade aluminum hull with a full length keel guard to stand up to frequent beachings, coral, rocks, and other rough surfaces. The double heavy-duty rubbing strake on all HB-AX models offers addition protection to the tubes from rocks, docks, and pilings. HB-AX models also come with a vented bow locker option large enough to accommodate a gas tank, and the ability to run a fuel line under the deck that enables you to free up deck space that is usually taken up by the fuel tank and fuel line. It also helps distribute weight more evenly by moving the gas tank forward.

Achilles HB 270 AX alloy hull Inflatable Boat

GST Included
    • Color

      Pearl Gray

    • Length

      8'10" (270 cm)

    • Inside Length

      6'3" (190 cm)

    • Beam

      5'2" (158 cm)

    • Inside Beam

      2'4" (72 cm)

    • Tube Diameter

      17"� (43 cm)

    • Weight

      118 lbs (53.5 kg)

    • Load Capacity

      990 lbs (450 kg)

    • Person Capacity


    • Recommended H.P.

      8 (4-10) Standard

    • Maximum H.P.

      10 Standard

    • Air Chambers


Inflatable Catamaran Range

MIARCO Travel Cat inflatable Catamaran boats are the perfect boat to take travelling when you need something light, portable and extremely stable and safe. MIARCO Travel cat inflatable boats are an excellent inflatable catamaran boat that is very versitile and can be used for a wide range of applications. The MIARCO Travel cat inflatable boats can be customised with a wide range of Railblaza accessories tomato it perfect for all of your boating needs.

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