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Need a Big Classy Boat For Your Next Trip? Get Yourself a 3.6m Island Inflatables Boat!

Among our wide range of inflatables, the 3.65m Island Inflatables boat with a wood floor is a top choice when it comes to day or touring boats. Along with an increased person capacity when compared to our 2m models, the 3.6m Island Inflatables boat is super lightweight and compact, which makes it the best choice if you intend to do lots of travelling and space is at a premium.


Quality Above All Else

As inflatable boats go, we are renowned as the best when it comes to quality. As the #1 privately owned boat brand in Australia, we implement “High Frequency Thermo Welding” (HFTW) technology for our seams, which helps keep your boat from tearing apart in extreme heat. We also use only the heaviest commercial grade of PVC material: D-teck denier with 0.9mm thickness. Our boat designs and features are meticulously thought out and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring the best quality to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Products Designed to Last

You’ll find that purchasing one of our boats is an investment since our products are manufactured to be robust and last a long time. For instance, all Inflatable Island boats have clever designs and are packed full of features. The transoms are built with marine ply, epoxy coating and rubber sealing on top. Our boats also come with a one-way bung to remove excess water from the boat floor while the boat is in motion. They also have internal and external outboard mounting plates which offer extra stability.


As boating enthusiasts ourselves, we know the best quality guarantee you can get is knowing that all Island Inflatables boats use large heavy-duty stainless-steel tow rings mounted on a large mounting patch. This is the mark of a good-quality boat.

In order to protect the boat from rub marks and damages, we make it a point to use non-marking rubbing and wear strips around the side and under the keel. Like all Island Inflatables boats, the IW365 comes with an over-inflation valve for hotter days and increased air pressure. Furthermore, since our tubes are oversized, your entire boating experience will be drier and a whole lot more comfortable.

Island Inflatable 3.65m Wood Floor Inflatable Boat

GST Included
    • Overall length:   3.65m /  12ft
    • Inside length:   256cm
    • Overall width:   180cm
    • Inside width:   85cm
    • Tube diameter:   48cm
    • Chambers:   3 + Floor + Keel
    • Person capacity:   5 Persons   
    • Cargo capacity:   650kg
    • Max motor power:   30hp / 22kw
    • Boat weight (Boat/Floor/Oars/Seat):   60kg
    • Floor options: WOOD Floor 

Inflatable Catamaran Range

MIARCO Travel Cat inflatable Catamaran boats are the perfect boat to take travelling when you need something light, portable and extremely stable and safe. MIARCO Travel cat inflatable boats are an excellent inflatable catamaran boat that is very versitile and can be used for a wide range of applications. The MIARCO Travel cat inflatable boats can be customised with a wide range of Railblaza accessories tomato it perfect for all of your boating needs.

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