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IW430 – 4.3m Island Inflatable Boat

  • Wood floor

  • Grey trimming


The 4.3m Island Inflatables boat with wood floor (IW430) is the largest boat in the Island Inflatables range, making it extremely roomy. It’s perfect for scuba diving or spearfishing, as well as all sorts of aquatic day trips. But, despite its size, the IW430 is just as convenient and portable as its smaller siblings. Simply deflate and pack away in the provided carry bags until it’s time for your next adventure.


Made to Last

At Island Inflatables, we know you want to get the most out of your new inflatable boat. That’s why we have rigorously designed and tested our range, including the IW430, so they are built to handle the everyday rough and tumble of day boat trips.


It all starts with the materials. We use the heaviest grade of PVC material available before getting to the commercial grades used in the armed forces. At grade 1100 D-teck denier and 0.9mm thickness, the IW430 is the toughest inflatable boat around. Plus with an additional layer of PVC on the underside of each oversized tube, the IW430 has added protection from hidden rocks and shells for when it’s launched or moved along the shore.


Along with the best materials, we use the latest technology in high-frequency thermo welding to create extremely durable seams. Unlike standard inflatable seams, our seams won’t come apart on those hot summer days. Our standard over-inflation valve also helps on those scorching days and with the increased air pressure.


Similarly, we reinforce hardwearing features of your IW430 to easily handle trip after trip. Our transoms are made with marine ply that has been coated with epoxy and a rubber sealing applied on top. The large, heavy-duty stainless steel tow ring is mounted on a reinforced patch to provide superior strength and durability too.

Island Inflatable 4.3m Wood Floor Inflatable Boat

GST Included
    • Overall length:   4.3m /  14ft
    • Inside length:   280cm
    • Overall width:   205cm
    • Inside width:   105cm
    • Tube diameter:   50cm
    • Chambers:   3 + Floor + Keel
    • Person capacity:   7 Persons   
    • Cargo capacity:   830kg
    • Max motor power:   40hp / 29.4kw
    • Boat weight (Boat/Floor/Oars):   75kg
    • Floor options: WOOD Floor

Inflatable Catamaran Range

MIARCO Travel Cat inflatable Catamaran boats are the perfect boat to take travelling when you need something light, portable and extremely stable and safe. MIARCO Travel cat inflatable boats are an excellent inflatable catamaran boat that is very versitile and can be used for a wide range of applications. The MIARCO Travel cat inflatable boats can be customised with a wide range of Railblaza accessories tomato it perfect for all of your boating needs.

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