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The Leafield Marine D7 valve is designed to replace the highly successful C7 Valve – the favoured inflatable boat valve for use in demanding applications such as Military and Commercial RIBs, River Rafts and Inflatable Boats.


The D7 Valve has improved inflation/deflation speed compared to the C7. It has an improved clamping method, with an ‘O’ ring seal added to the valve core, to reduce the risk of lateral leaks in the fabric.


Acetal (POM) plastic parts give high strength with chemical, ozone and shock resistance.

The seal is designed so that it cleans the seal surface as it operates; this reduces the risk of leakage due to dirt contamination.


The D7 valve has a shorter, smoother internal profile than other valves making it ideal for smaller diameter tubes, for example – inflatable kayak floors.


When the cap is fitted the strong retaining strap is hidden from view to prevent it snagging on other equipment.  Cap replacement is simple – the valve does not need to be removed.

Leafield D7 Inflation Valve

GST Included
    • High flow for size
    • Rugged and reliable
    • Low profile at 50mm overall height
    • Smooth, snag free cap
    • Cap works as a second seal
    • Company Brand can be added to the cap
    • 100% tested during production
    • High quality materials to ensure long life
    • Core can be removed from the outside of the tube for cleaning

Inflatable Catamaran Range

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