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MIARCO Inflatables Travel Cat is an extremely light and stable Inflatable boat perfect for travelling, storing in a small area and easy to carry.

The Cat Hull/Tunnel Hull design is what gives it the stability by not having a keel along with the air tubes giving it bouyancy at its widest point. This design of the MIARCO Inflatables also makes it very light weight so that 1-2 people can carry and transport it.

The High Pressure air deck floor makes it rigid while also allowing an easy entry point at the bow for going for a swim or dive on the water.


All PVC MIARCO Inflatable boats are built by thermo welding all of the seams to make them stronger and last longer than traditional PVC Inflatable boats. 


We are constantly getting feedback on our Inflatable boats and thus has created a design right here in Australia with what we beleive our customers will love.


Custom Colour options available by order.


*Railblaza accessories are an example of what can be added but not included in price*

*Motor not included*


inflatable catamaran

MIARCO Travel Cat 290 (2.9m) Inflatable Boat - inflatable catamaran

GST Included
RECEIVE FREE DELIVERY TO METRO AUS, All pre orders due in July - August
  • Length: 290cm

    Beam: 176cm

    Tube Diameter: 50cm

    Weight: 39kg

    Air Chamber: 4+1

    Max HP: 8HP

    Max Load: 410kg

    Max Persons: 3

    Packed Dimensions: 110cm x 60cm x 30cm

Inflatable Catamaran Range

MIARCO Travel Cat inflatable Catamaran boats are the perfect boat to take travelling when you need something light, portable and extremely stable and safe. MIARCO Travel cat inflatable boats are an excellent inflatable catamaran boat that is very versitile and can be used for a wide range of applications. The MIARCO Travel cat inflatable boats can be customised with a wide range of Railblaza accessories tomato it perfect for all of your boating needs.

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