Island Inflatables Dolly Wheel Kit

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Dinghy Dolly wheels are designed for easy movement of small light weight boats, inflatables, aluminium car toppers and duck boats up to 100 kg. Dinghy Dolly Boat Wheels made of Graphite filled Nylon resin. Dinghy Dolly contains two per set.

Our wheels now come with a convenient easy to use removable bracket. So now you are able to remove your wheels at the end of the day without the need of tools. Then you'll be able to get your boat rolled up into the correct size to fit back into your bag. You cant do this without removable wheels.  Wheels are to be removed when boat is in use.

When attached to your boat's fibre-glass, wood, or metal transom, Dinghy Dolly Wheels deliver increased mobility, enabling you to easily roll your boat over hard ground. The large 3-1/2 wide, 5 diameter wheels will support boats up to 100 kg.


The unique two position design allows you to flip the wheels down for moving your boat around, and flip the wheels up once in the water for easy removal. Made of a super-strong graphite-filled copolymer so they won't corrode or deteriorate. Sold in pairs.

Dinghy Dolly Wheel Kit prices starting at  $115.00AUD

Standard Features:

  • Allows you to roll your boat over hard ground easily

  • Comes with removable bracket so you can get your boat back into your bag

  • Made of a super-strong graphite-filled copolymer

  • Stainless Steel Axles

  • Large 3-1/2'' wide, 5'' diameter wheels

  • Supports boats up to 100kg

  • Attaches to fibreglass, wood, or metal transoms

  • Light Grey Colour